Timeshare and Travel Industries are Active on Twitter

One recent study of Twitter use by businesses involved in the timeshare, hotel, and travel industries revealed that among those using Twitter, 52 percent tweeted between 4 and 10 times each day, with more than 25 percent tweeting up to 10 times daily.

And who is tweeting the most? Typically, the study found, it was hotel owners and timeshare and travel industry managers and directors. They are using social media to inform consumers about services, products, new features, and special deals. Just as importantly, timeshare resorts, timeshare resales companies and others in the hotel industry are using Twitter to extend their customer service efforts and to build or enhance relationships. One of the most interesting facts to come out of the study is the indication that consumers on Twitter are making buying decision based on their Twitter conversations.

It all makes great sense to me. Twitter gives timeshare owners, timeshare buyers, and timeshare sellers, “instant access” to compliment or complain, question or condemn any resort, airline, timeshare, hotel, vacation attraction or transportation service that is enhancing or detracting from their vacation and travel ease and enjoyment.

Clearly, both businesses and consumers have to use Twitter’s mouthpiece to the world responsibly. This mainstream of conversation flowing 24 hours a day worldwide is a powerful place from which to speak, so use it accordingly, enhancing the world in ways that are positive and beneficial.

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