RCI Timeshare Exchange Employees Rebrand Themselves as ‘Losers’

How much pumpkin pie did you eat over the holiday? A little too much sweet potato casserole or one (or several) too many buttery dinner rolls?

What a day to be talking about weight loss! But we have to commend the employees of >RCI timeshare at RCI’s Carmel, Indiana office, who have lost a combined total of more than 1,800 pounds. In a commitment to live healthier, by incorporating more fitness and a healthier diet into their lifestyles, the RCI timeshare team set out on a 12-week wellness contest.

In addition to the personal rewards gained through weight loss, exercise, and an improved diet, the efforts of the RCI “losers” served double duty. For every pound lost, RCI donated a pound of food to a not-for-profit food bank. Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc, then redistributed the food through more than 400 charities.

Gordon Gurnik, president of RCI timeshare North America, says, “This contest has created a tremendously positive buzz among our associates. What started out as a fun idea among a few associates quickly grew to a contest involving more than 270 associates looking to incorporate healthier activities into their day-to-day lives. Because of the fantastic response, we’re planning to roll it out at other RCI offices in 2010.”

And you can’t be an RCI timeshare biggest loser without gaining the attention of a real “Biggest Loser”. Bill Germanakos, season four winner of NBC’s hit series, “The Biggest Loser,” visited the site to celebrate the RCI timeshare exchange employees’ success.