RCI Timeshare Expands RCI TV: You Could be Watching Timeshares on Internet TV

RCI timeshare exchange, part of Wyndham Worldwide and Wyndham timeshare, has announced that its web-based television network, RCI TV, is now available for non-members.

RCI timeshare does a good job of informing and entertaining through RCI TV, whether you are new to timeshare ownership and want to understand the concept better, or you just want to peruse destinations and resorts on their channels called exactly that, “Destination” and “Resort Showcase.”

Expanding the Ways to Buy Timeshare, Sell Timeshare of Enjoy Timeshare Exchange

Geoff Ballotti, CEO, RCI says, “The overwhelming response to RCI TV from our members and affiliates continues to push us to expand this unique network that is truly revolutionizing the vacation planning experience.”

RCI is focused on getting the message about the opportunities in timeshare ownership to the public as well as creating a better network of information to people who already own timeshare and are interested in timeshare exchange. RCI will also run over a thousand television commercials on DirectTV in upcoming months. The interactive ads will allow DirectTV viewers to use their remote control and navigate into an interactive screen for even more information.

Timeshare ownership, timeshare sales, and timeshare resales are all changing and growing with enhanced services to better fit the needs of today’s consumers and candidly, today’s economy. The market can expect more and more innovations in communication and interaction from the industry, along with the types of new customer-centric services and products we continue to add to our offerings at Sell My Timeshare NOW.

No, it’s not your Grandma’s timeshare vacation anymore; timeshare sales and timeshare resales are blazing new trails making it easier than ever to buy timeshare, rent timeshare, sell timeshare or enjoy timeshare exchange.