RCI Timeshare and ICE Expand their Offerings to Timeshare Developers and Timeshare Owners

A few more winter storms like those raging through the Midwest and people in some parts of the country will be getting tired—if they aren’t already—of ice and snow. So here’s some ICE news in the timeshare industry that won’t cause a shiver.

RCI Timeshare exchange (a part of Wyndham timeshare and the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies) is expanding their alliance with International Cruise & Excursions Inc.—commonly known as ICE for short. ICE is recognized worldwide for providing integrated cruise and leisure packages to the timeshare, vacation ownership, and travel industries.

As Geoff Ballotti, CEO of RCI says, “For more than eight years, ICE has been a fantastic partner offering quality cruises and services to our members in the United States and Canada.” ICE will soon provide cruise fulfillment for RCI global timeshare exchange programs, as well as technology platforms, related fulfillment for member loyalty, and other value added benefits to RCI affiliated timeshare developers.

The Potential of Timeshare Exchange

Many timeshare owners do not realize that they may be able to exchange their timeshare unit or timeshare intervals for cruises depending upon the terms of their timeshare ownership and on their affiliation with a timeshare exchange company, such as RCI. Timeshare exchange, for many timeshare owners, is one of the most attractive parts of owning timeshare. The flexibility of timeshare exchange means (depending upon your exchange company) that owners can choose other resorts from a worldwide network of top destinations; that you can exchange your timeshare unit or timeshare interval for more spacious accommodations, for timeshare during a different season, or, though affiliations like RCI timeshare and ICE, for cruises and other valued travel amenities.

Timeshare exchange lets you plan vacations for any climate.