National Timeshare Owners Association Owners Upcoming Meeting

National Timeshare Owners Association

The next meeting of the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is scheduled for Sunday, January 31, in Orlando, Florida.

To attend a National Timeshare Owners Association meeting, you must be a member of the NTOA, but timeshare owners agree that the benefits of membership make joining a worthwhile investment. As the National Timeshare Owners Association explains, “You will not be disappointed … Have you been frustrated with not knowing where to turn for the real truth? Have you made one too many mistakes in using your timeshare, because no one informed you? Then, accept this opportunity; join us on Sunday, January 31.”

National Timeshare Owners Association members benefit from:

  • Free admission to networking conferences featuring timeshare experts.
  • Monthly news and tips from timeshare owners and experts.
  • The only comprehensive “bible” on timesharing available exclusively through NTOA.
  • Huge discounts on buying timeshare.
  • Security and members-only discounts on selling timeshare.
  • No membership fees and minimal costs for timeshare exchange.
  • Discounted costs and liability protection for renting timeshare.
  • Reduced closing costs for direct timeshare transfers.
  • Minimal interest fees for financing timeshare or refinancing timeshare.
  • Legal help for managing a timeshare in wills, divorces, charitable donations, and more.

For more information about attending this or other NTOA timeshare owners educational events, contact the National Timeshare Owners Association, by emailing [email protected] or calling (410) 719-0064.

Or download an NTOA membership form by clicking the link below: