Pirates, Timeshares, and Disney: Hawaii Excited to Host Them All

Pirates of the Caribbean movie to be filmed near Hawaii timeshare site.

One of the best things about Hawaii vacations is that you can, “get away from it all.” Blue skies, bluer water, beautiful beaches and far from the responsibilities of work and your daily grind.

Unfortunately, this “best thing” has also proven to be a challenge to Hawaii tourism this past year as budget conscious travelers opt for drive-to destinations or the dreaded, “staycation”. This leaves Hawaii rolling out the red carpet more than ever for travel, tourism, events, and attractions that refocus the world on Hawaii as a favorite place for a honeymoon, family vacation, or timeshare holiday.

Hawaii Welcomes Captain Jack Sparrow and Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

The fourth installment of the popular Disney movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is scheduled for filming in Hawaii during the summer of 2010. Johnny Depp will return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in “On Stranger Tides.” The film, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, is estimated to mean roughly $85 million to the economy of Hawaii.

But Disney’s commitment to Hawaii, does not stop with Captain Jack. The fabulous Disney timeshare resort and hotel, “Aulani” will open in 2011. This luxurious Hawaii timeshare resort will offer 480 timeshare villas plus 350 hotel rooms, all located on 21 acres of beautiful oceanfront property.

The Timeshare Authority has been following the Disney timeshare project for a Hawaii timeshare since it was first planned. (Read more here: Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Makes for Optimism in Ko Olina; Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Moving Forward with New Hawaii Timeshare). Just this week Disney announced “Aulani” as the official name of what up until now, has been called the Ko Olina Resort.

Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Senior Vice President Joe Rohde explains, “We want this resort destination to reflect the vibrant culture that surrounds it. The name ‘Aulani’ expresses a connection to tradition and deep story-telling — and its roots are here in this land”

The word, “aulani”, according to Disney, means, “the place that speaks for the great ones” or “the place that speaks with deep messages.” I’d say the message is both great and deep when it comes to the wonder of Hawaii timeshares at a Disney timeshare resort … it would be enough to make even Captain Jack give up the Black Pearl.