Timeshare – You Bought What?

"Timeshare- You Bought .....WHAT?" Dr. Peter J. Shield, a longtime veteran of the timeshare industry and internationally acclaimed award-winning photojournalist, has written a book titled, “Timeshare- You Bought …..WHAT?”

This downloadable ebook offers a no-frills look at buying timeshare, selling timeshare, and timeshare exchange. Dr. Shield has written the book to help timeshare owners maximize the benefits of their timeshares and understand what they own and how to truly get the most of their timeshare.

Here’s an excerpt from this unique timeshare book that is certain to capture your interest, as Dr. Shield talks about his first timeshare:

“The property was a farm, converted into what I would best describe from looking back, as a ‘dude’ ranch with cabins, stables and a ‘ranch’ house. Quite frankly at the time I thought it was great. If memory serves me, they proposed to sell a week of ownership for six or seven thousand Australian dollars.

This would allow the ‘timeshare’ owner to spend a week with their family, vacationing ‘on the ranch’ every year for 30 years. I was one of the first to sign up.

For about three years my wife, my children and I enjoyed the visits immensely.

I must, however, share the end to this story with you. Sometime during our third year of ownership my wife decided that she needed to travel independently – sitting down! In case my humor didn’t reach you, this meant a second car! At the time my finances wouldn’t allow for the initial outlay. Wives, however being what they are, spotted an advertisement by a Sydney car dealer which said, and I quote, “Need a Car? – WE trade ANYTHING!”

Well “Honest John – Car Dealership” on the Parramatta Road in Sydney now owns a timeshare and my wife drove her new car away. By the way we received $600 more than we paid for it. This was to be the first of 9 timeshares that I and my subsequent wives (I’m up to number 7) would enjoy.”

Follow this link to learn more about the book at http://picturethedifference.com/.

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