How Shopping Can Actually Help You Pay Your Timeshare Exchange Fees

How about going shopping as a way to pay your RCI timeshare exchange membership fees?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And it should.

RCI Shopping Perks are the news program launched by RCI timeshare exchange to make timeshare ownership easier and a little more fun to enjoy. RCI timeshare exchange subscribing members, who are also US residents, can visit a virtual shopping mall, via the RCI website. All they need to do is sign in at, and then click on the “Member Perks” tab. From there, they can shop by merchant, geographic region, or by specific merchandise or service offered.

Through RCI Shopping Perks, timeshare owner members can shop hundreds of merchants and vendors, take advantage of price comparison options, and then use the RCI earned perk rewards they receive for each purchase made through the site to pay for RCI membership fees, timeshare exchanges, and other timeshare and travel related benefits.

Geoff Ballotti, CEO of RCI explains, “Like other technology advancements, we’ve introduced to our members, including Enhanced Search capabilities and our innovative RCI® TV network, the RCI Shopping Perks program is another way we are providing value to our members while helping to make their visit to fun and enjoyable.”