Grand Pacific Timeshare Resorts are Both Grand and Green

Villa L'Auberge Grand Pacific Timeshare Resales from Sell My Timeshare NOWGrand Pacific Resort Services (a California timeshare management company) wants their timeshare resorts to be both grand and green. With this in mind, the timeshare management company has launched a series of projects to help their California timeshare resorts accomplish the goals of being more environmentally conscious and more responsive to consumer expectations for environmental responsibility.

The Grand Pacific Timeshare Resorts Going Green Committee is both championing and documenting environmentally “green” practices of their resorts. Some of their suggested efforts include:

  • Programs to educate timeshare guests and timeshare owners on areas of environmental responsibility, such as not using the air conditioner while the windows are open.
  • Standardized ambient thermostat settings in timeshare units or common areas.
  • Encouraging linen and towel re-use (already done at many timeshare resorts).
  • Shifting laundry operations to off-peak energy demand hours.
  • Installing shower aerators to control flow without decreasing pressure.
  • Use of more energy efficient appliances.
  • Energy management systems for water heaters.
  • Use of CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) lighting throughout timeshare resorts.
  • Recycling programs that are easy for both resorts and timeshare owners to utilize.
  • Irrigation timers.
  • Replanting with drought tolerant plants.
  • Installation of ceiling fans.
  • Use of recycled printer and ink cartridges.
  • And these are only some of the changes the Grande Pacific timeshare resorts Going Green committee is advocating, yet timeshare resorts are already seeing big returns. As Vice President of Resort Operations, Nigel Lobo says, “A lot of small, incremental changes add up to make a difference.”

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    And for more on the Green Initiative throughout California go to: