Twice the Excitement at Sell My Timeshare NOW this Week

There’s a lot going on in upcoming weeks at Sell My Timeshare NOW. Watch for our release of the newest HOT 100 List, showing the timeshare resales and timeshare rentals that received the greatest number of offers to buy or rent in 2009.

We’ll be publishing that list via a media release; our timeshare news blog, The Timeshare Authority; and as a downloadable PDF report you can pick up with the release, on the blog, or on our website The list is always exciting to see because it unveils where consumers are spending their money, and in so many ways that is the truest indicator of which timeshare resorts genuinely deserve to be called “HOT” properties.

Secondly, this is an important time industry-wide, as the annual ARDA Convention & Exposition kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted at the Venetian Resort and Casino, an amazing venue, this year’s event will attract timeshare industry leaders from around the world. Andy Sernovitz, past CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, will be the event’s keynote speaker. I’ll be part of a panel discussion called, “Website Concept and Marketing Revisited” and the entire event will be packed with opportunities for learning, exchange, networking, and building a better timeshare industry.

So stay tuned, be sure to check in here on The Timeshare Authority blog each day, and we’ll keep sharing with you all the timeshare news and information and everything you need to know to make better decisions about buying, renting or selling timeshare.

Here’s a sneak preview of The Rhythmics, that will be entertaining at the  ARDA Awards Program Wednesday, March 17, as part of the 2010 Gala.