Viva Las Vegas and the 2010 ARDA Timeshare Convention

Many timeshare owners don’t understand what ARDA (The American Resort Development Association) is all about. ARDA really is the voice of timeshare in the US. This Washington DC-based professional association was established in 1969. It represents timeshare companies, both publicly traded and privately owned, national and international, from every aspect of timeshare, fractionals, and shared ownership. The more than 1000 ARDA members include not only timeshare sales and timeshare resales companies, but timeshare HOA’s, timeshare resort management companies and timeshare owners through ARDA-ROC, the ARDA Resort Owners Coalition.

So of course, we are excited when ARDA’s annual convention and exposition rolls around. It marks a time of innovative idea exchange, networking, and the sharing of new visions and business models among everyone who is dedicated making timeshare the best vacation product possible.

Here’s a look at what Wednesday’s agenda at the 2010 ARDA timeshare convention included:

  • Registration
  • State Regulators Breakfast
  • Private Meetings in Exhibit Hall
  • Educational Session Wave 4
  • The Opening of the Exhibit Hall
  • Committee Meetings
  • Educational Session Wave 5
  • Educational Session Wave 6
  • Resale Forum
  • International Marketplace
  • Educational Session Wave 7
  • International Reception
  • Awards Gala Celebration of Excellence
  • Awards Gala Dinner and Entertainment

Busy day? You bet!

Rewarding and inspiring day? Absolutely!

And just to show that it’s not all work and no play at an ARDA Convention, here’s a video from one of the ARDA Convention RCI/AIF Open Golf Tournaments: