TATOC Timeshare Association Conference Underway

From last week’s ARDA Conference in Las Vegas to this week’s TATOC Timeshare Conference at the Nottingham Belfry in Nottingham, England, the timeshare industry is coming together in a big way sharing, planning, networking, and looking toward a bright future for timeshare owners worldwide.

TATOC Timeshare Conference 2010

Today’s events at the TATOC Conference (The Timeshare Association) include registration, a reception, and dinner. Tomorrow the TATOC Conference really gets rolling with speakers and sessions until 5 PM, followed by the evening’s reception, dinner, and speaker. By Sunday afternoon, activities will begin to wrap, with the TATOC AGM session as the last scheduled event before lunch.

Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts International® is the keynote speaker for the TATOC Conference. Diamond Resorts International® is one of the largest timeshare and vacation ownership companies in the world and has resorts in 26 countries worldwide.

Other Guest Speakers include Ramy Filo, President of ATHOC, who will be talking about timeshare sales and the timeshare market in Australia. “The response for the conference has been overwhelming and we are delighted that Ramy has been able to find the time to come and inform the delegates about the industry in Australia,” says Harry Taylor, CEO of TATOC.

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