Grand Holidays Becomes TATOC Platinum Affiliate

The Timeshare Association Timeshare Owners and Committees, known as TATOC, is a non-profit organization run “by timeshare owners for timeshare owners,” since it was formed in 1989. Today, TATOC is the largest consumer association for timeshare owners in Europe with over 90 resort members throughout Europe representing thousands of timeshare families. [Read more…]

European Timeshare Association Announces New Appointment

European Timeshare Association Announces New Appointment

Sharetime Publication of TATOC

( Sharetime Publication of TATOC )

TATOC, the European Timeshare Association, has announced the appointment of Emily Collins, a new co-opted board director. Emily oversees TATOC’s two websites. She is also responsible for the publication of the Association’s outstanding quarterly magazine, Sharetime. Emily has been working with TATOC for the past three years.

Harry Taylor, executive chairman of TATOC, says, “Emily has been involved with the industry for nearly 20 years and has a huge wealth of industry experience. She has been providing marketing services to the association for three years and has become a valuable member of the team. We believe that the board will be enhanced with her appointment.”

At the most recent TATOC conference, the Association announced that it was looking to develop a stronger board of quality directors with a wider scope of experience. Harry Taylor explains, “The timeshare world is changing and TATOC has a number of objectives to support our members and affiliates tackle the challenges we are facing. The board needs to call upon the knowledge of industry professionals to help us achieve these objectives.”

Among the objectives of TATOC are to grow, improve, and become stronger. TATOC feels it must build on relationships and partnerships within the industry. Says Harry, “We need greater recognition, more publicity and increased visibility and awareness. We believe developing the board will help us with this.”

The Voice of European Timeshare

TATOC is The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees). The organization was founded in 1989 and is the only elected consumer association representing the interests of European timeshare owners. Across Europe, 95 vacation ownership resorts are members, which mean more than 350,000 timeshare owner-member families.

TATOC works to be the voice of European timeshare owners, while safeguarding and enhancing the vacation ownership holiday experience for existing and prospective  timeshare users.  The Association’s focus includes: growing its membership base, raising the profile of the Association, and establishing TATOC as the recognized voice of the European timeshare consumer and an informed point of contact for the vacation ownership industry.

European Timeshare Chairman Harry Taylor on BBC Radio

European Timeshare Chairman Harry Taylor on BBC Radio

Harry Taylor of TATOC
( Harry Taylor of TATOC )

All next week, the BBC 3 Counties Radio show will be looking at today’s most relevant consumer issues – topics of interest and concern to its listening audience. To kick off the series of broadcasts, Harry Taylor, Chairman of the European timeshare association, TATOC, will be one of the radio show’s special guest authorities.

Harry will be appearing on the Jonathan Vernon Smith consumer show on Monday, May 21 on BBC 3 Counties Radio; he will be responding to consumer questions about European timeshare. If you fail to catch the show live, which is scheduled for 10:00 to 11:00AM local time, the BBC website for The JVS show also makes these segments available for online replay for approximately 5 to 6 days after the shows originally air.

European Timeshare

TATOC, describes itself as being run “by timeshare owners for timeshare owners.” Organized in 1989, the heart and soul mission of TATOC is to “safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of owners.”

As the largest consumer association for timeshare owners in Europe, TATOC, a non-profit making, limited company, includes 92 timeshare resort members throughout Europe and represents the interests of some 350,000 timeshare owner families.

Previously this month, on May 10, Harry Taylor, appeared on Jonathan Cowap’s Big Conversation show on BBC Radio York, where he discussed timeshare and answered many questions. Following that appearance, the TATOC helpline received a number of follow up calls from listeners who had heard the show and had additional timeshare questions or were seeking vacation ownership advice.

TATOC Timeshare Conference Looks at Death by Social Media

TATOC Timeshare Conference Looks at Death by Social Media

As Harry Taylor, executive chairman of TATOC sums it up, this year’s TATOC Timeshare Conference was, “Simply the best TATOC conference ever.”

Held March 9-11, at the Park Royal Hotel in Warrington, England, the conference, was attended by over 150 delegates from both the vacation ownership industry and timeshare consumers.

Harry summarizes the conference, saying, “It was fantastic to have industry professionals and owners working together in a positive and constructive way. And we had a world first. The industry panel representing developers, exchange, resale and management organisations (organizations) and the timeshare media answered questions posed by owners. This allowed a frank exchange of views, a clear discussion of the challenges facing the industry and suggestions on how these can be tackled.”

Social Media for the Timeshare Industry and TATOC Timeshare

The keynote address was delivered by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis from Bournemouth University (Dorsett, United Kingdom) who looked at how new technology is changing hospitality and the timeshare industry.

Calling this an age of transparency, Professor Buhalis urged the industry to step up to the fact that smart phones, tablet computers, laptops and social media are a part of life and make it impossible to hide anything from members and owners. “Professor Buhalis explained to delegates that social media and new technology is a tool and we all need to learn how to use it or it will kill us,” explains Taylor.

Death by social media … now that’s a new reality for the vacation ownership industry.