New Hotel Fees Make Timeshares a Better Deal than Ever

As if airline add-on fees aren’t bad enough, many hotels may be headed down the same unpopular path.

The TravelMole blog reports that more and more hotels will be adding charges for services such as holding your bags after checkout, bumping up the cost of room service, and tightening their policies (as well as upping their fees) for cancellations, early checkouts, or late check-ins.

Bjorn Hanson, an associate professor at New York University Tisch Center, says, “Despite a forecast for a continued decline in hotel rates in 2010, hoteliers will become more aggressive in collecting fees and surcharges this year.”

That is certainly not what any travelers or vacationers want to hear. And to add insult to the injury your wallet may feel, the fees will vary-not just from chain to chain-but from one hotel to the next within the same brand. This means that the service you take for granted as free at a hotel in Buffalo may cost you an add-on fee at the same branded hotel in Dallas. Travelers will be left with the feeling that they have to ‘ask first’ about every move they make, just to avoid surprise charges.

Thank You Timeshares

Perhaps your hotel stays pay you back in loyalty points, but no matter how many times you stay there, you will continue to pay out of pocket for your business travel or vacation accommodations when you stay in hotels and motels. Timeshare is a different story. Timeshare lets you lock in the cost of your vacation accommodations and then pay them off!

Buy timeshare and use it, and at the least you break even on the amount you would have been paying for hotel or vacation accommodations. More likely, especially when you buy right priced timeshare resales, you will save money over the years you own the timeshare.

There is not much most of us can do to stem the rising cost of living, but locking in the price of vacation accommodations with a timeshare resale makes more sense than ever before.