ARDA and National Timeshare Owners Association in Partnership

When the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) joined forces in January, we knew great things were about to happen. This is the working partnership of two major timeshare associations, each with a goal of improving the timeshare industry and the experience of owning timeshare.

But here’s the first glaring fact that confronts both ARDA and the NTOA: while nearly seven million people own timeshare, 86 percent of whom rate their experience with the product as positive, timeshare remains misunderstood by the general population. As Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA explains, “People love taking vacation … our goal is to show them that taking vacation with timeshare can provide a better experience. The developers can tell this story very well, but there is nothing like hearing it from actual owners and users of the product.”

ARDA and NTOA Turn to Timeshare Owners to Tell the Real Story

ARDA and the NTOA are working with timeshare owners to get the real story out there. In this age of social media we all recognize that the facts people want to hear are not corporate messages but the heartfelt stories and experiences of other people just like us. No ad campaign or media blitz is ever as meaningful as one consumer sharing his or her experiences with another. Real stories of vacation ownership, timeshare holidays, and vacation memories speak powerfully and communicate that timeshares could turn to be the best direction your vacation plans ever took.

Ed Hastry, founder and CEO of the National Timeshare Owners Association sees NTOA members as, “…enthused about the opportunity to have a more direct communications vehicle into the developers. We have a huge group of owners that can articulate what vacation ownership means to them and why it’s a great way to vacation.”

ARDA’s Representation at the Next NTOA Educational Conference

When the membership of the NTOA meets next week in Baltimore, MD for an educational conference, ARDA will be represented by Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO. Nusbaum will be speaking to the timeshare owners in attendance, answering questions, and very importantly, listening to what they have to say. You can be part of this event. (See: Reminder to Timeshare Owners: NTOA Meeting in Baltimore). For more information about the upcoming NTOA meeting, go to But plan now, this event is filling up fast: Sunday, April 13, 2010, NTOA Educational Conference with Howard Nusbaum of ARDA.