China Goes to Hawaii and Hawaii Timeshare Get a Boost

In the US, we haven’t always focused on attracting tourism from China. The ‘Great Wall of China’ has been as much about the limitations of communication and marketing in China as it ever was about a 5500-mile barricade of earth and stone.

But times are changing and the US tourist industry is beginning to really feel the positive impact of Chinese tourists visiting North America. The number of affluent Chinese visiting the United States is project to increase by 15 percent in 2010. Of the more than one-half million Chinese tourists expected to travel in the US, many will be headed for Hawaii.

Despite taking a hit during the worst of the H1N1 flu epidemic, Chinese tourism to Hawaii is strong. Mike McCartney, president and chief executive of the Hawaii Tourism Authority was quoted by the Honolulu Star Bulletin as saying, “”Chinese visitors have become Hawaii’s highest daily spenders, and recent bookings show that outbound travel from this growing market is picking up again.”

Next week, a sales and marketing team from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau will be off to Shanghai to promote Hawaii as a destination for international meetings and conventions.

Looking Good for Hawaii Timeshare Resales and Hawaii Timeshare Rentals

An emerging market of Chinese tourism and Chinese convention business for Hawaii bodes well for timeshare owners looking to resell timeshare or rent timeshare they own in Hawaii. Hawaii timeshare has long been a unique and popular destination, but the challenging economy has driven many tourists to vacationing closer to home, thereby saving on airfares. Let’s face it, Hawaii timeshare is not a drive-to destination.

Interestingly, however, the enduring strength of Hawaii timeshare has become more evident than ever, as occupancy in Hawaii timeshares has far surpassed Hawaii hotels.