Timeshare Owners at David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort Rally in Support

The Timeshare Authority blog continues in efforts to spread the word about the changing situation at David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa Timeshare, brought about by the bankruptcy of Celebrity Resorts timeshare earlier this year.

On March 30, 2010, the Property Owners Association (POA) for Walley’s sent a letter to timeshare owners telling them that a proposed $900 special assessment was “dead” and that an emergency special assessment of 5% of the annual dues would be as follows, with the greater amount for each timeshare unit being identified as for “whole” and the lesser amount being for “alt.”:

Aurora 2BR Std $38.00 or $20.30
Aurora 2BR Premium $38.80 or $20.65
Bodie 2BR Std $34.70 or $18.60
Bodie 2BR Premium $38.70 or $20.60
Bodie JBR $30.80 or $16.65
Canvon 2BR $34.70 or $18.60
Dillion 2BR $36.60 or $19.55

Last week the POA posted an acknowledgement that is great timeshare news to hear. As of that point, the Timeshare Resort Assistant Manager had received some 2,000 letters from timeshare owners at David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort, most reportedly including checks for the special assessment fee. Equally good to hear is that many of them contained words of encouragement and support.

This is a great reminder that the majority of timeshare owners are highly satisfied with their ownership, enjoy their timeshare vacations, and are committed to stepping up in tough times if necessary.

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