Timeshare Points at Marriott Vacation Club are Changing – Timeshare Owners Still Have Questions

Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove timeshare is not included in the new timeshare points program.Marriott Vacation Club timeshare is expanding with the addition of the new timeshare points-based Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program for North America and the Caribbean. The new timeshare points program is designed to increase flexibility for timeshare owners. This announcement comes after months of speculation by timeshare owners and prospective timeshare buyers about the rumored changes or additions to the options for Marriott timeshare exchange.

Lee Cunningham, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Marriott Vacation Club, North America and the Caribbean says, “Over the years, we have successfully evolved our product offering based on Owner feedback, and the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program reflects a tradition of Owner involvement and was designed specifically for both current and future Owners.”

Describing the program as Marriott timeshare’s, “…most significant program innovation in our history,” Cunningham goes on to point out that the new Marriott timeshare points exchange program will afford timeshare owners ease of use and expanded choices for enjoying their timeshare product.

The new Marriott Vacation Club timeshare program will be available to new Marriott timeshare owners, but current owners will also have the opportunity to enroll. Here are a few other specifics about this timeshare exchange program:

  • The new Marriott timeshare points program means simplified fees. Timeshare owners will be able to pay one annual fee as a consolidation of all their bookings; eliminating a la carte fees. Inclusive in the fee will be the costs for changing your reservation, changing your length of stay, your Interval International membership fee, and possible other benefits. The fee will reported be $165 per year. Your current timeshare maintenance fee should remain the same.
  • This program is available to residents of the US, including the District of Columbia, however NY residents should check to make sure they are eligible to participate.

  • Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove timeshare (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands) is excluded from the new timeshare points program.
  • And, based on the information we have currently, it appears that Marriott timeshare owners who purchased their vacation ownership as a Marriott timeshare resale will be eligible to participate. Whether this will apply to timeshare resale purchases in the future is not clear at this time.

This new timeshare points program is an interesting development at Marriott Vacation Club, and as more facts are confirmed, we’ll keep sharing them here on The Timeshare Authority blog.