Europe Timeshare and Spain Timeshare Has New Ally at the BCCS

Jennie Thompson, VP of BCCS and board member TATOCDid you see the news about Jennie Thompson, who is a board member of the timeshare owner-run association TATOC and the Managing Director of the Malaga-based Leisure Solutions SL? (Timeshare Association (TATOC) Board Member Jennie Thompson Spreads the Real Timeshare Message)

Appointed as the Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Committee of Andalucía, Jennie plans to use her new position to create positive exposure for the timeshare industry. She explains that she is hoping to “…raise the profile of the timeshare industry within the BCC, which is a network of global and international commercial chambers with links to a variety of other major bodies.”

Last month, at the BCCS’s London Summer Season Garden Party held at the Hotel Tamisa, Jennie addressed her plans for the BCCS in the Andalucía area, saying, “I’d like to see membership double within the next twelve months; and have a stronger input in places like Malaga and Seville.” She adds, “We have lots of blue chip companies with us, but here in Andalucía, where there are perhaps more sole traders and small companies, the value of networking and expert business support is somewhat greater.”

Founded in Barcelona in 1908, the BCCS works both with Spanish companies seeking to liaise with companies in the UK, and to provide networking and information services for English companies currently doing business, or seeking to do business in Spain.

In all the interactions Jennie will undertake as the new VP, you can expect the future of the timeshare industry to be part of her vision. European timeshare and Spain timeshare have a true ally at the BCCS.