Dial An Exchange and Global Connections Partner in Enhanced Timeshare Exchange

DAE opportunities in timeshare exchange

Dial An Exchange (DAE), timeshare exchange and Global Connections, Inc. travel services announce the launching of a partnership to expand options for DAE’s Gold Advantage timeshare exchange members.

Dial An Exchange is the largest privately owned timeshare exchange company that offers worldwide destinations and a free membership option. Currently there are over 250,000 members of Dial An Exchange. The DAE Gold Advantage option was created to provide enhanced timeshare exchange and special benefits in vacation ownership. Through this partnership, Gold Advantage members (the paid membership option for DAE) have more exciting choices than ever before.

Global Connections expanding the benefits of timeshare.

Melanie Gring, vice president of marketing for Global Travel says, “Through DAE’s alliance with Global Connections, Gold Advantage members now have the ability to purchase discounted and themed cruises on major cruise lines, plus access to the Global concierge program allowing access to leisure and emergency assistance 24/7/365. Gold Advantage members will also enjoy the buying power of our national merchandising service – launched more than 25 years ago – offering unprecedented savings on name brand products.”

DAE North America VP Fermin Cruz adds, “It is important to understand that DAE has always provided a free membership. After our frequent exchangers told us they wanted even more exclusive benefits, we launched our Gold Advantage premium membership in Europe and later in North America. We knew the ideal solution to adding more exclusive services would be to work closely with Global Connections with its proven track record of supplying precisely these services to timeshare and vacation owners.”

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