Vacation Ownership Investment Conference for Timeshare Industry Insights

It’s not too soon to remind you of the upcoming 2010 Vacation Ownership Investment Conference. Although many outside the timeshare industry blame its recent slump in sales on an economically challenged consumer market, most people inside the timeshare industry would lay the blame more specifically on the tight credit market.

The VOIC is scheduled for October 4-6, 2010, at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This important timeshare and vacation ownership industry event primarily targets three groups:

  1. Lenders who want to learn more about opportunities in vacation ownership financing and lenders interested in meeting new and current timeshare developers.
  2. Timeshare resort developers who are developing a vacation ownership property or are considering developing such a property or product.
  3. Anyone in the industry seeking capital or development opportunities.

This year’s keynote speakers will include Marci Rossell, PhD, a former economist for the Federal Reserve and past CNBC chief economist. Rossell reminds us that all financial crises follow a pattern and the current conditions in the US are no exception. Recognizing this, we, as Americans, could learn and benefit by studying the pattern and the successes and failures of past responses to the pattern.

Other Important Info to Be Gained at the 2010 Vacation Ownership Investment Conference

When you attend the VOIC, you’ll hear from experts on current performance statistics about the US timeshare and vacation ownership industry along with learning about relevant research on the industry. These key facts not only tell the tale on what’s happening today but serve as important indicators about what to expect in the future.

You will gain insider insights from lenders about the capital challenges facing today’s economy and learn what facts you will need to present if your timeshare related business or business venture is seeking investment or growth funding.

For all who are affiliated with the timeshares and vacation ownership industry, the VOIC is a critical event always packed with insights and information. To find out more, contact [email protected] or call toll-free 877.700.1153 or 305.668.3495.