The Timeshare Resales Revolution: A View from the Inside

In case you missed the announcement last week regarding the interview Dave Thackeray of RCI Ventures did with Phil Watson and me, today’s The Timeshare Authority revisits this critical topic.

The subject of timeshare resales has been the elephant in the room no one in the industry would talk about for too long. You’ve heard me say it before…where would auto manufacturers be if they only sold new cars and provided no options for trade ins and resales?

And unfortunately, if an industry doesn’t put forward a good solution, standardize it, and stand behind it—no matter what the goods or services are—then that industry leaves the door open for fraudsters and fly-by-nights to hark solutions that are really no solution at all. In this case, they are just timeshare scams.

And in such an environment, when ethical businesses come forward offering effective options and trustworthy services—companies including Sell My Timeshare NOW, their message can be hard to hear over the din of confusion already in place.

If you are interested in buying or selling timeshare, currently own timeshare or vacation club membership or points, or are part of the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, I think you’ll be very interested in hearing this interview.

Thank you RCI Ventures and Dave Thackeray for inviting me to be part of your internet radio show, “The Timeshare Resales Revolution.”

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