Timeshare Crusader Calls for Transparency in Timeshare Sales

If you know timeshare, you know of Lisa Ann Schreier. As the author of two of timeshare’s leading consumer books, Surviving A Timeshare Presentation…Confessions From The Sales Table and Timeshare Vacations For Dummies, Lisa Ann has shared straight talk and sound advice with thousands of prospective timeshare buyers as well as current timeshare owners who want to sell timeshare or use their properties as timeshare rentals.

The Timeshare Crusader calls for timeshare sales transparency

According to a media release issued this week, titled, “Never Fear the Timeshare Salesperson Again, The Timeshare Crusader is Here,” more than 3 million people sit though a timeshare sales presentation each year here in the US. Some of them do so because they are generally interested in buying timeshare but many of them openly admit they are there for the gifts and freebies typically associated with such presentations. As “The Timeshare Crusader” and founder of Timeshare Insights, Lisa Ann ‘crusades’ to help consumers make better, more informed choices about buying, renting, or selling timeshare. She describes herself as neither pro or anti timeshare, just “pro consumer”.

Raising a point you have heard (or read) frequently from all of us at The Timeshare Authority and Sell My Timeshare NOW, Lisa Ann questions, “Why the huge discrepancy between the cost of a “new” timeshare from the developer and the “used” price on the secondary market? Can anyone explain and justify the difference? What exactly is a “new” timeshare?”

Well said, Lisa Ann! In theory, is timeshare only new for the one buyer who happens to purchase the first week after a property opens, then becomes “resale timeshare” for every other owner/user after that? Just when do you figure you actually ‘drive a timeshare off the lot,’ turning it from new timeshare into resale timeshare?

Timeshare Sales Transparency a Must

The need for the timeshare sales process to undergo a complete makeover is urgent. Today’s consumers are informed; whether they are part of the Baby Boomers, Generation X, or Gen Y (the Millennium Generation), they know how to (and like to) get on the internet, seek out the facts, find out what others are saying, and make informed decisions. All of which can be very hard to do if an industry—any industry, selling any product—turns the process into a mystery with prices and details as an ever-moving target.

Lisa Ann explains, “Today’s consumers can find information about just about anything they buy from the average price to comparable prices. Not so with timeshare. It is almost impossible to get the price of a timeshare from the resort over the phone or Internet. Instead, you have to go through a ‘pitch.’”

Follow this link to read the full media release: Never Fear the Timeshare Salesperson Again, The Timeshare Crusader is Here