What Festiva Timeshare Owners Need to Know about Timeshare Exchange

Earlier this month, the Festiva Hospitality Group – Resorts Blog posted a comprehensive rundown of what you need to know about timeshare exchange as a Festiva timeshare owner. Here are some of the highlights and be sure to read: Exchanging Your Festiva Week for more information.

Festiva timeshare owners, as members of Festiva Hospitality Group, have the opportunity to exchange timeshare through either RCI Exchange (Resort Condominiums International) or II (Interval International). When you use your Festiva timeshare as a timeshare exchange, you first need to bank or deposit your existing timeshare. This can be done as far in advance as 12 months or as close as 14 days from your timeshare use date.

You’ll want to know whether you own a fixed week or a floating week as the process for deposit varies slightly. If you do not know, contact Festiva’s Owners Services Department. The exchange company (either RCI or II) will also want to know your resort code; unit size; check-in date; unit number and confirmation number. If your timeshare is at a Festiva Hospitality Group managed resort, the reservation specialist will likely handle these details for you and then provide you with a confirmation number for your deposited timeshare unit or interval.

Deposit Your Timeshare Exchange and Let the Adventure Begin

Once your deposit is confirmed, you now essentially have “money in the bank” for exchanging. When it comes to timeshare exchange, there are two important keys to consider: Deposit as early as possible and be flexible. Adhering to the first key provides you the maximum opportunity to get the timeshare exchange date or destination you most desire. But following the second key opens the door to endless possibilities for adventure, exploration, and perhaps the vacation you might never have thought of without the inspiration of timeshare exchange.

Don’t fall for the misinformation that says timeshare exchange is difficult… instead, gain the full, life-enriching potential of timeshare ownership by using your Festiva timeshare for timeshare exchange. Contact the Festiva Hospitality Group’s Owner Services Department at 866-933-7848 or by email at [email protected] and let the fun and adventure begin!