Truly the Nuts and Bolts of New Timeshare Resorts

Have you ever wondered which companies are responsible for the construction of many of your favorite timeshare resorts? One of the industry leaders is Farrow Construction, a nationwide commercial construction company based in Santa Rosa, California.

Farrow Construction is a builder for Diamond Resorts timeshare, Wyndham Worldwide, and Worldmark timeshares, as well as many other timeshare resorts and major corporate clients. Farrow specializes in, “price-driven, production-driven improvement serices to satisfy the demands of discerning core clients ranging from Resorts/ Timeshares /Hotels /Motels to major and/or minor Commercial Tenant Improvements.”

Other reasons that many in the timeshare industry have looked to Farrow include the company’s strength in Green Building and Sustainability, ADA/Fire/Life Safety (NFPA), ADA Design Compliance, Construction, and Updating, Permit and Plan Acquisitions, Design/Purchase & Procurement and DOSHA Certifications.

Timeshare Benefits More than You May Realize

News like this is a great reminder of how much beneficial impact the timeshare industry has on many far-reaching segments of the economy. According to research recently released by ARDA, there are 1,548 United States timeshare resorts, comprising 170,232 timeshare units. This translates to jobs in many industries beyond the mainstream of timeshare sales or timeshare management.

Addition corporate note: This week, Farrow Construction announced the appointment of Jim Matthews to the position of Senior Vice President/Sales and Marketing.