Canada Timeshares and Sell My Timeshare NOW

In August, Sell My Timeshare NOW announced the acquisition of the primary assets and customers of Rapid Resale, LTD, a popular Canadian timeshare sales website and service. While the company’s timeshare resale and timeshare rental services have always been available for Canada timeshare and Canada timeshare owners, extending our Canadian outreach via Rapid Resale provides Sell My Timeshare NOW with greater depth and breadth in the timeshare resale market in Canada.

As we continue to deepen our relationship with Canadian timeshare owners, buyers, and Canada timeshare renters, we strive to understand and then serve this market as fully as possible. Here are some of the interesting updates we’ve learned from researched developed by Ipsos (the third largest survey‐based research company in the world) and shared at the recent CRDA Conference on Canadian timeshare.

Profile of Canada Timeshare:

Eighty percent of Canadian consumers are familiar with the concept of timeshare; 32 percent are familiar with condo hotels and seventeen percent are familiar with points-based vacation clubs. In smaller percentages, consumers were also familiar with fractional ownership, private destination clubs, and private residence clubs. However, surprisingly, 18 percent of Canadian consumers say they are unfamiliar with any of these concepts of shared ownership, which means that the timeshare industry has a lot to do in terms of better overall marketing. Even more surprisingly, 72 percent of the Canadians surveyed say they have not been exposed to any type of shared ownership marketing offers in the past eighteen months.

Websites, particularly for Canadian consumers under the age of 54, and word-of-mouth are the most dominant sources or timeshare information. Just as important to consider when looking at where Canada’s consumers get their information about timeshare and shared vacation ownership products is where they don’t seem to be getting it. Only 7 percent respond to sales presentations and an even smaller number—5 percent—rely on newspaper articles for information on the topic.

The clear takeaway in studying all of these facts is that timeshare sales and timeshare resales have to do a better job of reaching the market that isn’t currently being reached, the startling 18 percent of Canadians who seem to have never heard of timeshare. To go with this insight is the solid impression that a highly visible, well-optimized website is the critical tool for anyone who wants to buy, rent, or sell Canada timeshare.