Where Do Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees Go?

This is the second in a series of blog posts contributed by timeshare industry specialist Marge Lennon of Lennon Communications Group, Inc. (Fort Myers, Florida). Marge will be looking at who is decorating many of your favorite resorts and timeshares and what considerations come into play in this process. Her insights will help you understand where your timeshare maintenance fees go. 

Timeshare Resort Refurbishments Courtesy of Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Refurbishing the interiors of timeshares, both the timeshare units and the common areas, is not the only use of maintenance fees, but it is an important one. When well maintained and with updated décor, even a timeshare built years ago looks fresh and appealing. And although maintenance fees are sometimes perceived as a negative during the timeshare sales process, without them, the vacation ownership industry would not have survived and grown over the last four decades.

With many timeshare resorts looking as good or better than they did the day they were built, their sustained longevity is a testament to the founding fathers of the vacation ownership industry, responsible for initially crafting the concept of timeshare maintenance fees.

Robb & Stucky Hospitality Design for Your Timeshare or Fractional

The Hospitality Design Division of Robb & Stucky Interiors assists its timeshare and fractional developer clients in making smart refurbishing decisions by selecting, manufacturing, and installing furnishings for resorts worldwide. Starting in 1915 as a single store, general merchandise emporium in Fort Myers, Florida, Robb & Stucky has evolved to become one of the largest high-end furniture retailers in the United States. Today the company has 30 furniture showrooms in four states, one in Coast Rica, nine Robb & Stucky patio stores and one of the nation’s largest teams of licensed interior designers… and when it comes to timeshare, it is entirely possible Robb & Stucky were the talent team that renovated your favorite resort. With both size and buying power, the company provides beautiful furnishings and design work at highly competitive prices.

Dan Lubner, President Resorts Division, Robb & Stucky, says, “We had always furnished Florida hotels and timeshare resorts, including South Seas Plantation and the Southwest Florida properties that are now a part of Hilton Grand Vacations Company, so we were comfortable with providing design services to the vacation ownership market. …We decided to increase our capabilities by manufacturing what we design, creating specific product lines that are required for commercial and hospitality application.”

Part I in this series from The Timeshare Authority: Who Decorates Your Favorite Hotels and Timeshares: Frequently it’s Robb & Stucky Hospitality