Atwitter over Timeshare: Article on Resort Trades

In the second article that appears in our new Timeshare Resale Column for Resort Trades Magazine and at, we share with you some insights on how timeshare sales and timeshare resales companies can connect with the marketplace—and with each other—via Twitter. We also look at why it is an important thing to do.

The article begins with this question, which is actually a 140-character tweet: “Your timeshare business is being defined in social media, either by you, your consumers, or your competitors. Who do you trust with the job?”

This question is really a fundamental of good business marketing. Every day a business brand is defined by the people who use the brand, those who choose not to use it, those who talk about and those who omit if from their conversations. These people can be your customers, clients, your potential market, and even your competition. The defining of your brand is happening… the question is simply whether or not you choose to be part of the definition.

Come to the Party, Timeshare Sales and Resales Companies

With the number of Twitter users now somewhere in the 100 million range, and the number of Twitter visitors far higher, it is safe to say that a timeshare business that communicates via Twitter is going where many timeshare owners, sellers, renters, buyers, and the timeshare-curious already are.

In many ways, even a platform as friendly as the chirping little bird of Twitter is an uphill climb for timeshares. Wherever we as an industry show up, we will find that along with all the millions who love timeshares, the timeshare critics are also already there.

We have to go anyway. If we are ever to change the negative perception that some people have of timeshare, we have to keep showing up, putting our best foot forward, and counteracting the criticism with the valid message of how very much timeshare and vacation ownership has to offer.

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