Timeshare Sales Up 55 Percent in Australia Timeshare Holiday Ownership

Beach House Seaside Resort Australia timeshare resales and rentals.ATHOC is the Australian timeshare (or as they say down under, ‘holiday ownership’) regulatory body. These days, ATHOC is abuzz over the positive timeshare trends revealed by recent industry reports. Latest findings show Australia timeshare is in a time of robust growth as Australians embrace the concept of vacation ownership.

ATHOC, which stands for Australian Timeshare Holiday Ownership Council, says that despite global economic challenges, Australia timeshare sales for 2009 were up 55 percent to $205.4 million. Based on this research, which was commissioned by ATHOC and conducted by AEC Group Limiteds, and in which 78 timeshare properties participated, there are now 152,000 timeshare owner families in Australia, marking an increase of 20 percent over 2005.

As Australia celebrates this positive news about the timeshare industry, no one is overlooking the greater impact this story has. In 2009, timeshare owner families spent an average of $2,027 per travel party, per trip, (up from $916 in 2005) making a vital contribution to local economies. Now pair that boon with the indirect economic benefit the timeshare industry contributes to the Australian economy, an amount Australians estimate to be more than a billion dollars for 2009, and you see why Australian timeshare is making everybody smile.