The Cost of Airfare to Your Timeshare Resort this Year

As of the first week in December, airfares for holiday travel were averaging $422 per roundtrip ticket as compared to $431 for the same period last year according to

But perhaps because people see signs of a recovering economy or because they are just sick and tired of staying at home, travel in general is up this year for the holidays. This means that tickets are going fast and the good deals are fewer and farther between.

If you are planning air travel over the holidays this year, whether it is a trip to see family and friends or a vacation to your favorite timeshare, here are some suggestions from the travel-cheaper experts at and other resources that could help you save money.

If you can travel before 7 AM or after 8PM, your tickets will likely cost you less. But mid-day is your second best option, with business travel hours (8 to 10AM and 5-7PM) being the costliest tickets.

Air travel experts don’t agree on whether there really is a single best day to buy your tickets. While some maintain that it is a myth, others insist that just after midnight on Tuesday night is the time to look for cheap air travel. What is certain, is that airlines set aside only about 8 percent of the seats to go at rock- bottom rates, which tells you how quickly those cheap seats will be gone on most flights.

Your luggage can kill your costs. For less than $11, Magellan’s and many other luggage and travel goods shops, sell a small handheld scale for weighing your bags before you get to the airport. If you are overloaded and you possibly can, ship your extra gear, Christmas presents, or whatever you are carrying, ahead via the US mail or a package delivery service.

With some careful shopping you may still be able to save on airfares over the next few weeks. But even if you don’t, as long as you are vacationing in a timeshare resale or timeshare rental, you may still come with a great deal on a holiday vacation.