Canadian Vacationers and Timeshare Owners Tired of Staycations

A recent poll conducted by the Bank of Montreal found that the majority of Canadians who are planning a winter vacation, are weary of the staycation concept and plan to actually leave home and head for a vacation destination—typically a warmer climate.

Forty-five percent of Canadians surveyed were traveling over the holiday season and more than half of them were planning a warm and sunny vacation. Overall, the number of Canadians who have the flexibility to travel this winter yet are electing to stay home instead is down to only six percent compared this past summer when the staycationers accounted for forty-three percent.

BMO deputy chief economist Doug Porter looks at these numbers as a sign of a hopeful economy. Porter explains, “Consumer confidence is up since the summer lull and significantly higher than levels seen during the recession. While we haven’t yet returned to pre-recession levels, the latest trend is nonetheless encouraging.”

US Timeshare and Canada Timeshare Buyer Opportunities

Today’s value of the Canadian loonie is nearly the same as that of the US dollar and while that doesn’t sound very encouraging for the US economy, there are benefits. Never before has it made such great economic sense for Canadian vacationers to visit the US and for them to buy US timeshare resales and US timeshare rentals. (And of course it has always been a good idea to take advantage of the great deals on Canada timeshare resales.)

Vacationing Canadians will likely mean a strong and much appreciated boast to the US travel economy during the winter months. This influx will also mean an expanded opportunity for timeshare owners who want to sell their US timeshare to Canadians that are looking to make the most of the current currency exchange rates.

Economic note: On Wednesday December 29, 2010, the Canadian dollar (the loonie) was trading at a greater value than the US dollar (as high as $1.0025 US at about 3:25 a.m. ET) but dropped to just under the US dollar later in the day. The loonie last reached parity with the US dollar on November 10 of this year.

Source: The Toronto Sun