New Offerings in Timeshare Reflect Healthy Expansion in The Industry

Trident Business Management develops leisure travel product for Smart Circle International.

Smart Circle International is a California-based direct sales organization with more than 3000 independent sales representatives in offices across the US and in Canada. They are an industry leader in, “… marketing products and services that are purchased as “impulse buys” such as tickets to professional sporting events, DIRECTV subscriptions, spa services, travel certificates, and more.”

This week they announced that Trident Business Management will lead their travel business segment. Plans call for the development of a leisure travel product that will be sold in locations including Sam’s Club and are part of the company’s alliance with International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), the developer of the Vacation Rewards travel club platform.

“Partnering with Trident,” says Smart Circle President George Graffy, “has enabled us to meet the demands of our most discerning customers who want to travel economically, without sacrificing amenities, service and deluxe accommodations.

Bill Tsao, one of the managing partners of Trident, explains, “Smart Circle is a very important marketing partner because they have scale and can quickly deliver a very low-priced vacation offer through a large channel. The Smart Circle offer provides one vacation in the destination of choice ranging from two-to-seven nights. There’s an excellent range of accommodations, from branded hotels to scores of timeshare resort properties. The median cost to the purchaser ranges from $299 to $499, depending on where, when, and what style of accommodations they choose. The online booking process is instant and seamless. There is no connection to a timeshare tour. The distribution power of Smart Circle, the technology of ICE and the fulfillment power of their branded suppliers have converged to introduce this low-cost travel club model.”

Excellent Example of the Way Timeshare is Changing

New directions, like this, are a healthy sign for the timeshare industry. Consumers want, need, and are demanding change in their options to buy, rent, or sell timeshare. Every time an innovative company pushes the envelope of traditional timeshare, the industry and the consumer is better for it. The willingness to adapt and change are critical to the future of any product or any service.