Dial An Exchange Hosts Important Timeshare Owners Education Seminar

This week, Dial An Exchange (DAE) is hosting another of its popular Vacation Education Seminars. The first seminar was held nearly two years ago in Arizona and was attended by 150 timeshare owners. Fermin Cruz, VP of North American Business for DAE, says, “The owners loved them (the seminars). They asked tons of questions ranging from how their maintenance fees are spent to how they can rent their week out to the public.”

Scheduled for January 28, at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall, Orlando, DAE’s third Vacation Ownership Seminar will draw over one hundred timeshare owners, many who live in the Orlando area or own Orlando timeshare. The approximately 2-hour event is designed to help timeshare owners become more knowledgeable about their timeshares, the benefits of timeshare ownership and what’s really going on in the timeshare industry today.

Not a Timeshare Sales Presentation

Although timeshare owners in attendance will receive a free gift, the event is not a timeshare sales presentation, and no sales “pitch” will be presented by any of the speakers. Instead, the format includes featured speakers followed by a lengthy opportunity for timeshare owners to ask questions and receive ‘straight talk ‘answers. As the founder and CEO of SellMyTimeshareNOW.com, I am honored to be one of the speakers, along with Ed Hastry of the National Timeshare Owners Association; and Lisa Ann Schreier, author of “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.”

Fermin Cruz explains, “Dial An Exchange has long been aware of the need for new as well as seasoned timeshare vacation owners to have a better understanding of their purchase and how to leverage their ownership. Our complimentary seminars have been created to help timeshare owners better utilize their existing vacation time and provide information on renting, reselling and other use options of which they may not be aware.”

For information on the seminar, call 800-468-1799. Admission is free.