Valentines Day Romance in Timeshare Rental with Reservations at White Castle … No Kidding

Think you can’t afford a romantic weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

…Maybe you can!

In 2011, February 14 falls on a Monday, perhaps increasing the likelihood that you can turn the day into a long-weekend getaway for you and the one you love. And while some hotels will be offering weekend rates with elegant dinner packages, even at a bundled price many of these hotel getaways are not all that budget-friendly.

Have you considered a timeshare rental?

Why Timeshare Rental Works So Well

Timeshare is easier than you think it is to rent; it is often available even at the last minute, and frequently, deeply discounted. Discounts on timeshare rental are not in place because there is anything ‘wrong’ with the timeshare; on the contrary, timeshare rentals can be highly desirable destinations, beautiful timeshare units, and amazing opportunities.

Timeshare rentals help you plan budget friendly getaways.But for a timeshare owner, who finds he or she cannot use the property this year, and for any number of reasons either cannot bank it for future use or prefers not to, using it as a timeshare rental is an obvious and beneficial option. The timeshare owner stands to recoup some or all of his annual fees on the timeshare unit or perhaps some or all of his monthly mortgage payment. For the timeshare owner who was about to let the week slip away, unused, the option of renting it to you is a great deal. For you, the opportunity to enjoy the resort at a great rate, maybe even check it out in case you want to buy timeshare there yourself, is also a great deal. Timeshare rental is truly a case where everybody wins!

Where Does White Castle Fit in Your Plans for a Valentines Timeshare Rental?

So where does White Castle and its famous square, steamed hamburgers fit in to your plans for a romantic getaway on a budget? Select White Castle restaurants across the country are offering a special Valentine’s Day 2011 promotion. You can actually make reservations for a candlelit dinner at White Castle complete with table service and Valentine’s themed décor. You will even receive a collapsible White Castle vase to take home with you.

This quirky take on how to spend Valentine’s Day is not offered at all White Castle restaurants. (Click here to check availability) and if you can’t match up a timeshare rental with a White Castle reservation, you do have other options. You could: plan to dine at a restaurant at or nearby your timeshare resort or prepare a romantic dinner for two at your timeshare (most units offer an equipped kitchen plus dining area) that might even start with picking up a box of White Castle burgers in the frozen food section of most grocery stores. Either way, you’ll be making memories that last.