Investigation of Silverleaf Timeshare Resort’s Possible Shareholder Violation

Goldfarb Branham LLP, is investigating the possibility that the Board of Directors of Silverleaf Resorts, Inc (Silverleaf timeshares) violated shareholder protection laws in connection with the timeshare company’s buyout offer by SL Resort Holdings.

Noting that the buyout price called for $2.50 per share, securities lawyer Hamilton Lindley has said, “Silverleaf’s book value was $5.47 for the most recent quarter and at least one analyst set a price target of $5.00 per share. Our potential class action lawsuit seeks to ensure that the Silverleaf Board of Directors maximizes value for investors in this buyout.”

Goldfarb Branham is encouraging Silverleaf timeshare stockholders to contact the law firm directly at: 877-583-2855.

Additionally, Bull & Lifshitz, LLP has announced its investigation into these possible breaches of fiduciary duty in connection with the proposed acquisition of Silverleaf Resorts, Inc.

The contact number for Bull & Lifshitz is: 212-213-6222.

In cases of this type of class action lawsuit, it is not uncommon for more than one legal firm to investigate the situation and if further action is taken, there will likely be a consolidation of efforts by the law firms involved.

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