Timeshare Publications from The Trades Celebrating Anniversaries

The Trades Publishing Company, Inc. is celebrating two important milestones. The Resort Trades magazine is celebrating 25 years in publication and the Resort Trades’ Management & Operations magazine is celebrating 10 years. Both accomplishments are a measure of true success in the highly competitive world of publishing.

Back in 1985, Tim Wilson, publisher of these and other magazines, was a timeshare and resort developer, who recognized the lack of timeshare industry-specific media resources available. Launching the Resort Trades magazine, was no doubt challenging as Wilson and his staff ventured into uncharted territory with their timeshare publication. Tim explains, “We have worked extremely hard over the years to earn the trust of our readers, and we have always maintained our integrity with our advertisers.”

Wilson continues, “We have a distinct advantage because we are totally independent and that freedom to speak without censorship or limitation is exactly what our editorial policy is based on. Our readers expect our content to come from reliable sources, and we deliver. Our large pool of credible, knowledgeable contributors includes industry experts such as Jason Tremblay, Sharon Drechsler, David Waller, Marge Lennon, Alan Schlaifer and many more.”