Timeshare Magazine Looks at Exit Strategy for Timeshare Owners

The March / April 2011 edition of Perspective Magazine North America has an article by timeshare industry marketing specialist, Marge Lennon, titled, “Creating an Exit Strategy for Today’s Timeshare Owners”

In this article, Marge shares her own wisdom from a lifetime in the business of timeshares, along with that of four individuals she interviews from the industry. She speaks with John Locher, shared ownership industry consultant and co-founder of RedWeek.com; William E Curran, CEO of InnSeason Resorts; Simon Crawford-Welch, managing partner and CEO of The Fireside Group LLC; and me, Jason Tremblay, Founder of SellMyTimeshareNOW.com.

Marge takes a serious look at the challenges facing the timeshare industry and raises some excellent questions, asking, “We (meaning the timeshare industry) did not ask ourselves … what would happen if timeshare owners passed away, got divorced, or lost their jobs? What would happen if their family size decreases or they inherited their parents’ timeshare but could not afford the maintenance fees? We were so focused on the product we somehow forgot to look ahead and consider the future.”

Every Day there are Timeshare Owners Asking these Same Questions

Simon Crawford-Welch describes the problem that confronts the timeshare industry saying, “…as an industry we have not been able to create a viable secondary market for owners to relinquish their in-perpetuity product.” Billy Curran says, “…We need to stop selling the product that is causing the problem.” John Locher adds, “…We need to help current owners quickly. If we do not, the challenge to bring new generations into timeshare will be even more daunting.”

And to these thoughts, with which I wholeheartedly agree, I add my own words: let’s use our talent and experience to solve the challenges of the timeshare resale market and let’s do it NOW, before it’s too late for everyone involved.

We hope you will read “Creating an Exit Strategy for Today’s Timeshare Owners” in its entirety on the website for Perspective Magazine. Please click here to read this article, which can be found on page 72.