Timeshare Resale Financing, Finally a Reality, from The Resort Trades

Prosper partners with Sell My Timeshare NOWThe Resort Trades recently featured an article written by The Timeshare Authority blog’s author, Jason Tremblay. Here is a portion of that article, republished with permission of The Resort Trades.

One of the attractions of buying timeshare during a sales presentation has always been the availability of on the spot financing. The interest rates are not always the most competitive, but the process is simple—buy timeshare with the financing package offered by the developer and start planning your next family vacation. The availability of timeshare financing has been one of the great differentiating factors between timeshare purchased from the developer and timeshare bought on the resale market.

…Until now.

Working in partnership with Prosper.com, Sell My Timeshare NOW will soon make financing readily available for the timeshare resale market. Yes, this is liquidity at last!

With this industry-first, industry-changing option, a consumer will be able to buy a timeshare resale using financing that is both easy to apply for and offered at a competitive rate. Before you read on, take a moment and process this: we are talking about unsecured, low-interest financing for a timeshare resale that the potential buyer can apply for online, just like an online credit card application, and typically receive an answer to within moments.

Very simply, timeshare resale financing is revolutionary; it is a game changer for the vacation ownership industry. And it is a reality.

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Please read this article in entirety at: The Resort Trades website or find it in an upcoming edition of their print publication.

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