Disney Timeshare Owners to Benefit from Travelex Insurance

Disney Vacation Club members can now take advantage of Travelex Insurance Services, with a travel insurance benefit customized for Disney timeshare owners.

Through Travelex, Disney Vacation Club timeshare owners can relax knowing that their Disney Vacation Club Travelex policy will provide coverage in case of trip cancellation or interruption, baggage loss, delay, or medical emergencies. The policy will even cover accidental damage caused to resort property, recreational equipment delays and roadside assistance service.

Jim Lewis, president of Disney Vacation Club, says, “Travelex Insurance provides our members with peace of mind when planning their vacations to Disney destinations and beyond. Families can focus instead on making memories and spending quality time together.”

The policy will be offered at an annual rate of $79 and will cover all Disney timeshare usage within the coverage year.

Why All Travelers and Timeshare Owners May Want to Consider Travel Insurance

Here five reasons to consider buying travel insurance:

Peace of Mind

Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that whether your travel plans are interrupted by weather, illness, or even a job loss, a comprehensive travel insurance policy has you covered.

Credit Card Shortfalls

Why many credit card companies offer different types of coverage, most do not cover you in cases of trip cancellation, travel delay or overseas medical emergency.

Travel Investment

Travel insurance helps you protect the money you work so hard to earn. In today’s economy, insurance can protect you against losses you really cannot afford.

Medical Expenses

Think your health insurance covers all your healthcare needs? Don’t be among the many travelers who find out the hard way that their healthcare policy is limited in terms of what it offers when you travel.

Emergency Transportation

If you or a family member gets ill while on vacation and needs to be transported to a medical facility, your cost—without travel insurance—can be staggering.

As with any insurance policy, before you buy, ask questions. Coverage varies from company to company and even on different policies within the same company. Check to find out what coverage you may already be paying for under your homeowners insurance. Compare the cost and risks of being self-insured and buying a travel or timeshare insurance policy. Shop around and compare each policy’s cost and benefits against others.

Don’t overlook insurance on your rental car. Know before you go what insurance policies you already have will cover. When you make decisions on buying additional insurance, whether is additional rental car coverage, travel insurance, or other type of policy, make your decisions based on facts, knowledge and on what is appropriate for you and your family.