The Difference in New Timeshare and Timeshare Resale

You know the difference in a new car and a used car. Federal laws define a used car as any automobile, “… driven more than the limited use necessary in moving or road testing a new vehicle prior to delivery to a consumer.”

You know you pay more for a new car and less for a used car and if you are fortunate, you find good deals on used cars that look new, have had attentive maintenance, and have low mileage. Financial advisors tell us that buying a good used car is the smart move, because you are letting someone else bear the burden of up front depreciation.

But that’s cars… what about timeshare? What is really the difference in new timeshare and a timeshare resale?

Let’s get real: timeshare is “new” for exactly one week. The first person to stay in a timeshare unit after it is built is the only timeshare owner who experiences wholly “new” timeshare. Although the rest of the owners that year who vacation in that unit are doing so for the first time (for them), the unit is no longer “brand new” even though every one of those timeshare owners paid the same “new timeshare” price.

Any timeshare that has been bought from the developer and is being resold is a timeshare resale, no matter how new it is, even if it was bought as a pre-construction timeshare and has yet to be occupied.

Why Do People Buy New Timeshare Instead of Saving Money with a Timeshare Resale?

Consumers buy new timeshare for different reasons. Some people feel more comfortable dealing with a developer than buying resale timeshare. And some, but certainly not all, timeshare companies offer benefits with the purchase of timeshare bought from the developer that they do not permit owners who bought the timeshare as a resale to take advantage of.

But other than the possible perks that might be awarded a buyer of new timeshare, what prompts timeshare buyers to buy new at the full price instead of buying a discount priced resale timeshare? The answer is financing.

Until now, the options for obtaining timeshare resale financing were extremely limited. Timeshare companies typically offered on-the-spot financing for buying timeshare if you bought from them. And since many people could not afford the price of timeshare without financing, they were willing to pay a higher sales price in order to take advantage of the timeshare financing.

But Sell My Timeshare NOW has changed all that. Working with Prosper, Sell My Timeshare NOW has made timeshare resale financing available.

Timeshare Resale Financing Through Prosper

Now, to get timeshare financing, you no longer have to pay the higher price and buy timeshare as a new property. Instead, you can buy timeshare resales from previous owners—at much more competitive prices—and finance it through an unsecured, easy-to-apply-for personal loan.

Take advantage to timeshare resale financing.You won’t be tying up cash and you won’t be putting money on your credit card. Just pick out the timeshare resale you and your family would love to vacation in, buy it directly from the current owner at a great price, and apply online for financing. With Prosper, most credit approvals are made almost immediately and allow you to finance your timeshare for 1, 3, or 5 years.

Prosper makes loans of up to $25,000, offering low fixed rates, and free, no obligation quotes.

Now ask yourself again, what is the difference between buying new timeshare and buying timeshare resale? The answer is now clear: timeshare resales offer great discounted prices and can be financed at a low rate through Prosper; benefits a “new” timeshare just cannot offer.

So go shop for a timeshare resale at a competitive price. Finance it on the spot through Sell My Timeshare NOW and Prosper. And let someone else bear the upfront depreciation, while you make the smart money move.