Silverleaf Timeshare to Merge and Become Privately Held Company

Silverleaf's Fox River Resort timeshare resales.Silverleaf Resorts announced last week that its shareholders have approved a merger with Resort Merger Sub Inc., which is an affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management LP. The merger is expected to close this week. Once the merger is complete, Silverleaf will become a private company, wholly owned by SL Resort Holdings Inc., an affiliate of Cerberus, and its common stock will no longer be traded on NASDAQ.

Silverleaf timeshare owners should not anticipate any interruptions in services because of these changes.

3 Facts You May Not Know about Silverleaf Timeshare

  1. All Silverleaf Timeshares are classified as either a Getaway Resort or a Destination Resort.
  2. All Silverleaf Getaway Resorts are timeshares located within a two-hour drive of a major metropolitan area.
  3. Silverleaf Destination Resorts are timeshares located at a unique venue, perhaps exotic or remote, but always highly desirable.
  4. Flexibility for Silverleaf Timeshare Resales and Silverleaf Timeshare Rentals

    Whether you are seeking a getaway vacation or a destination experience, Silverleaf timeshare exchange is flexible. There are fourteen great timeshares in the Silverleaf Resort internal exchange network plus access to more than 300 resorts worldwide through an external timeshare exchange. For Silverleaf timeshare owners and timeshare renters, the choice isn’t “if” they vacation, it is only “where” they vacation.

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