An India Timeshare for Playing a $50 Million Underwater Access Golf Course?

What does a $50 million golf course look like?From a business perspective, it is hard to fully grasp this one … but it certainly is interesting.

Dutch Docklands is a company that essentially builds land where there is no land. Based in the Netherlands (appropriately) the company had signed an agreement with the government of the Maldives to develop 5 floating islands which will include a convention center, some 200 luxury homes, a boutique hotel and a golf course.

The islands are to be connected by a series of underwater tunnels (see representation in photo). In other words you would tee off on one hole, play that hole and in some cases more than one hole on a manmade island and then the “cart path” will lead you underwater to the next island where you will resume your game.

Now before you decide that this is more theme park than golf course, you should know that the highly respected, icon of golf, Troon Golf, will be serving as “technical advisor” on this project and one would presume, will later provide the facility management.

Considering that most golf courses need both destination traffic and local traffic or local members to keep them going, it’s hard to imagine that a golf course located in the middle of the Indian Ocean isn’t going face financial challenges, especially in view of the fact that the developers have the cost of not just buying the land, but creating it.

When this engineering feat is accomplished, with all its exceptional components, it may not be the cheapest place to grab a round of golf. Nevertheless, if you play, you will surely want to try this unique course, which leads me to think that an India timeshare resale might be an ideal option for great rates on vacation accommodations that put you in the right corner of the world to try what will no doubt be one of the most unusual golf courses ever built.