Climbing Everest for Timeshare and Charity

A round of applause, on our feet, and loud cheering for Vivienne Noyes-Thomas who has made it to Mount Everest Base Camp! Vivienne is a former RCI timeshare executive who has taken on the Himalayan challenge of climbing Everest and in the process is fundraising for Christel House charity.

RCI timeshare executive climbing Everest for charity.Making it to Everest Base Camp took 10 tough days to reach the destination, which is 17,600 feet above sea level. As Vivienne explains, “It was physically very hard work, sometimes mentally very hard work too. But I was fit enough, thank goodness, and have very few issues with the altitude, just some flashing lights in the eyes during darkness, a typical Khumbu cough as they call it here, which is very common because of the altitude and some swelling around the eyes and in my toes.”

Vivienne continues, “We were very privileged to be able to spend the night at Base Camp, thanks to our connections with US climber Charlie Wittmack, who is making his second summit attempt on Everest, plus Nuptse and Lhotse, later this month. His team had prepared a little tented village for us on the ice of the Khumbu glacier, 2-person tents in the middle of that vast wilderness of ice and rocks!

“It was surreal to be there with the full moon hovering right over Everest in the moonlight on the top of the world – an unforgettable 24 hours in my life, even more so for the heroic cancer survivors who were part of our group.”

You can read more about Vivienne Noyes-Thomas’ experience at RCI Ventures: Everest no match for Noyes-Thomas.

So far, her efforts have raised more than £2,400 from the expedition, but you can still donate to her venture. Your donations, through Christel House, help needy children and their families around the world.