Driving to Your Timeshare Vacation Destination? 5 Ways to Save on Gas

In a tight economy, trimming your vacation costs may make the difference in whether you are able to take that much-need, much longed for vacation or not. The value in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals offers one of the best ways to pare down your vacation costs, but don’t overlook the little things, like saving on gasoline.

Here are five significant ways to cut your fuel consumption during your timeshare vacation, without feeling as if you are sacrificing anything at all.

  1. Pack light. For every 100 pounds of extra weight you pack in your trunk, you lose 1-2 percent in fuel efficiency. Timeshares are typically stocked with much of what you will need to enjoy your week. Before you go, contact your resort and ask what is supplied in your timeshare unit or available onsite so that you don’t pack and haul anything necessarily which also includes over-packing on clothing. Take advantage of the washer and dryer that is typically either in your timeshare unit or in your building, available for your use.
  2. Slow down. You are on vacation; relax and enjoy the drive. Besides making your travel safer and eliminating the risk of receiving a speeding ticket, when you reduce your highway speed by 5 miles per hour, you net a noteworthy savings in fuel use. In a post called, Improve Your Gas Mileage by Slowing Down on Fivecentnickel.com, one driver found what he equated to earning $17.50 per hour, tax free, through fuel saving. When driving 75 miles per hour for 100 miles, the driver spent 1 hour and 20 minutes on the road and consumed 4 gallons of gas. Driving the same road at a speed of 65 miles per hour, the 100 mile trip took 1 hour and thirty-two minutes but burned only 3.125 gallons of gas. At a cost of $3.50 per hour, based on an hourly rate, the driver realized this extrapolated to a savings (earnings) of $17.50 per hour.
  3. Drive less, play more. Once you reach your timeshare vacation destination, make use of local shuttles to attractions, rent a bike, or in many cases, just get out and walk. All three options allow you to better enjoy the scenery, engage more with others, and in the case of biking and walking, get in some much needed exercise.
  4. Don’t refill your tank in a tourist attraction area. If you can avoid it, never fuel up near an airport, a high traffic tourist attraction, or a car rental agency. All of these locations tend to sell gas at a higher price per gallon.
  5. Let points and perks help pay for your gas. On the road and while you are at your timeshare, consider using a credit card with cash back or a rewards plan to pay for your gasoline and other expenses. Just remember to pay your balance off with your next credit card statement or the interest you pay may override any savings or benefits you gain.