The Timeshare Cool-Down and 5 Chill Out Tips

India timeshare vacation at Clifftop Club timeshare resales and rentals.Counting the days until your timeshare vacation? Looking for ways to beat the heat until then? Here are 5 ways to cool down, to keep you going until you really are relaxing in the fresh mountain breeze or dangling your toes in a sparkling pool at your timeshare resale or timeshare rental.

5 Ways to Chill Out, Even If You Don’t Own a Timeshare Yet…

  1. We can’t hear it enough: drink more water. Not sugary, alcoholic, or caffeinated drinks… just the cool, clear water your body craves. When the weather is as hot as it has been in much of the US these past few weeks, there is no such thing as too much hydration.
  2. Kick your shoes off. When your feet are cooler, you are cooler; it’s that simple.
  3. If you are relying on a fan to cool your house, consider setting it to blow hot air out of your house, rather than trying to pull cool air (of which there may be very little) into your house.
  4. Relax. Mediation and relaxation can lower your heart rate and your blood pressure allowing your body to cool itself more efficiently. Even if mediation doesn’t make you cooler, it may make you mind the heat less. In this video, check out the interesting sculpture by David Bowen, which is now on display at the National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. Operating on data from an ocean buoy station in Alaska, the mesmerizing structure moves in precise synchronization with the ocean wave pattern.
  5. Think cooler thoughts—seriously. Walter A. Brown, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the medical schools of Brown and Tufts Universities and an expert in the placebo effect, says, “Reading about cold can take your mind off the thermometer, evoking one’s own experience of ice and snow.”

And to get those frosty cool thoughts going, peruse timeshare rentals and timeshare resales by searching terms such as “ski,” “snow” or “winter sports”. Searching the SellMyTimehareNOW website this way will lead you to timeshares at wonderful destinations including: Mountainside at Silver Creek in Granby, Colorado; Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado; Calabogie Lodge Resort in Calabogie, Canada; and Clifftop Club in Auli, India, to name only a few truly cool destinations.

tele-present water from david bowen on Vimeo.