Equiant Financial Services, a Trust Name in Timeshare, Opens Orlando Office

Last week, Equiant Financial Services of Scottsdale, Arizona, announced it was opening new offices in Orlando, Florida. Equiant is one of the largest providers of outsourcing solutions to the resort and timeshare industry. The new office will provide an expansion of operations through a full service Orlando location.

Frank A. Morrisroe, President of Equiant Financial Services explains, “Orlando has long been an important ‘hub’ of the timeshare and vacation ownership market. A strong labor pool of experienced staff coupled with our growing business in Florida makes Orlando the perfect location for us. The expansion allows us to literally work alongside and better serve our clients.”

As part of the increased ease of service for Orlando and other east coast clients of Equiant, the company has established a new centrally located banking and retail lockbox relationship. The move to Orlando will mean a total increase in staff by 25 percent for the company.

Equiant’s services to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry include receivables servicing and portfolio management to maximize revenue, shorten collection cycles, improve efficiencies, and to allow clients to predict costs and controls bad debt risks.

Equiant services over 500,000 consumer accounts and manages a portfolio of more than $1.2 billion. As custodian for over 180,000 collateral files, Equiant employs. CPAs, Paralegals and Certified Project Managers.

Equiant Financial Services
Equiant Financial Services