Hawaii Timeshares Dominate and Hula

Earlier this fall we published our lists of the most in-demand timeshare resales and the most in-demand timeshare rentals.

Once again, Hawaii timeshares dominated both lists. As you will see in the slides below, part of the reason Hawaii timeshares are so popular as timeshare resales and timeshare rentals is because of the beauty and wonder of Hawaii itself.

But just as importantly is the fact that resorts in Hawaii are vacation destinations within themselves offering you beautiful beaches, mountain vistas, amazing serenity, and yes, even a chance to hula.

Of all the great vacation destinations and all the fantastic resorts in the world, three of the top ten most in-demand timeshare rentals are Hawaii timeshares while three of the top ten most in-demand timeshare resales are also Hawaii timeshares.

Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu ranked as the number 2 most in-demand timeshare rental and the number 9 most in-demand timeshare resale. The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas in Maui took the number 3 spot in rentals and the number 5 spot in resales while Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club was number 6 in popularity for timeshare rentals and number 3 among the top timeshare resales.

To obtain the complete Hot 100 Timeshare Resales report, go to: here: www.sellmytimesharenow.com/media/pdf/HOT-TIMESHARE-RESALES-2011.pdf

For the complete Hot 100 Timeshare Rentals, go to: here: www.sellmytimesharenow.com/media/pdf/HOT-TIMESHARE-RENTALS-2011.pdf