Interval International, 35 Years of Serving Timeshare Owners Plus New Features All the Time

35 is a good age to be … wise from seeing the world and gaining experience yet enthusiastic with the vibrancy of youth.

Interval International turned 35 this year and there’s no doubt about this timeshare industry leader’s seasoned expertise or its vitality. Today Interval International has a timeshare exchange network that includes some 2600 timeshares resorts in more than 75 countries worldwide. Approximately 2 million families are part of Interval International through its membership programs.

As a leader in timeshare exchange, Interval International keeps changing and expanding, taking timeshare exchange to the next level with the Interval Platinum program and the Club Interval Gold program. In today’s post and again in tomorrow’s, The Timeshare Authority blog will look at each of these two timeshare exchange membership levels and what they can mean to your timeshare ownership.

Club Interval Gold Timeshare Points Program

Club Interval Gold was designed for timeshare owners who desire timeshare exchange and who own either fixed or floating week timeshare. This flexible program, launched this past spring,  gives Interval International members the choice to opt-in or opt-out on a year by year basis and combines the benefits of Interval International and Interval Gold while affording those who choose it, much flexibility in vacation ownership exchange.

But as much as Club Interval Gold benefits the owner/members themselves, it was actually designed with developers in mind. Currently, 16 resort developers, who represent 25 different timeshare resorts, are selling Club Interval Gold.

David Gilbert, executive vice president of resort sales and marketing for Interval explains, “In an evolving marketplace, clients are looking for cost-effective new products they can utilize to leverage their existing owner base and Club Interval Gold meets both of those criteria. It allows them to sell a flexible-use program without relinquishing control of their most valuable assets, their owner bases and inventory. … We designed and implemented Club Interval Gold so that our resort clients could offer their owners the best of both worlds. Members can still exchange in the traditional way for vacations of similar value, or convert to points and redeem them for a variety of alternatives.”

Benefits for Club Interval Gold Timeshare Members

Club Interval Gold members have the option to:

  • Use their Interval member program points to exchange within Interval’s network of some 2600 resorts (not just resorts participating in Club Interval Gold)
  • Combine deposits to increase the points balance and trade up to larger units or more in-demand seasons
  • Search for and confirm as many stays and as many short stays as their points permit through ShortStay Exchange
  • Select Interval Options to apply toward the purchase of a cruise, spa or golf holiday
  • Take advantage of Getaway discounts; $25 off the price of all Getaway vacation rentals
  • Enjoy VIP Concierge 24/7 personal assistance for purchasing concert tickets, making dinner reservations, tee times, etc
  • Benefit from hotel, dining, and leisure discounts along with access to more than 90,000 premium discounts from Entertainment® at
  • Enjoy complimentary membership in the Hertz #1 Club Gold, receiving expedited car rentals at more than 1000 locations in 23 countries
  • Take advantage of Interval Travel® for airline tickets and rates often unavailable to the public
  • Receive member publications including the Interval International Resort DirectoryInterval World®magazine, and Go newsletter

Be sure to check-in here on The Timeshare Authority blog tomorrow when we look at Interval Platinum from Interval International. You can also learn more by visiting