Raging Fans and the Truth about Timeshare

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) created its VacationBetter.org website for the purpose of providing information about timeshare and vacation ownership, the value of vacationing in general and insights on why a timeshare vacation is so appealing to the world’s 8 million timeshare owners. Among the many effective ways VacationBetter.org accomplishes these objectives is to turn the messaging over to timeshare owners themselves.

This month, in VacationBetter.org’s timeshare owners spotlight, you’ll find Ohioans, Bill and Phyllis Hopkins, sharing their enthusiasm for their membership in Hilton Grand Vacations Club. As the Hopkins’ explain, for them, “…membership resolved the potential “beach house dilemma” of vacationing in the same place year after year. Our passion, after all, was to explore new places and discover new cultures.”

Peer-to-Peer Reviews, Raging Fans, and the Timeshare Story

The travel industry overall has already discovered that peer-to-peer reviews of accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and other travel related goods and services is a powerful communication and marketing tool.

And while the timeshare industry explores new and effective ways to share the truth about timeshares, we may find that the most powerful communication about timeshare is delivered by the owners who use and love the product.

We encourage you to visit www.vacationbetter.org and read the Hopkins’s story along with stories from other timeshare owners. And take 4 minutes and watch the video below … you will never look at timeshare in the same way again.

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