Cool Technology for Bluegreen Timeshare Owners, Good Move for the Industry

Last June, Bluegreen timeshare rolled out its new Owner Update website. This is a WordPress platform website (meaning it is built on the highly versatile WordPress blogging platform) that offers Bluegreen timeshare owners an easy-to-navigate, highly user-friendly way to stay current on the news, updates and offerings of Bluegreen Resorts.

Now to expand the functionality of its Owner Update website, Bluegreen is also offering the Owner Update in a format specifically designed  for web tablets.

Izzy Pycher, vice president, Creative Services  at Bluegreen says, “This web tablet is a leading edge timeshare innovation that gives owners access to the Owner Update site from anywhere they take their tablet.”

What Timeshare Owners Want and Where the Timeshare Industry Ought to Be

The business model of expecting consumers to adapt to a business or industry’s marketing style, (simply because the industry has always done it that way) is outmoded in any industry. To be competitive, businesses must now go to consumers in the ways and places consumers prefer to find them.

It is no longer optional to have a strong, active presence where your clients and future clients already hang out: on the web, on Twitter, on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media venues. Successful businesses and thriving industries are delivering information via all the types of technology consumers are using in their daily lives.

As Wendy Poe, Chief Customer Officer for Bluegreen Corporation explains, “I really think that future communications and reservations activities for our owners will be heavily transacted on mobile applications and especially tablets. As the costs for smart phones, IPADS, digital readers and tablets become more affordable, and we all get more comfortable living in a “highly connected” world, it will no longer be necessary to plan your vacations over the phone or even on a computer – you will be able to do it “on the go” from one vacation to the next!”

Great comment and great vision from Bluegreen Corporation, and a very positive step forward in serving the vacation ownership needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) consumer.